Monday, July 28, 2008

HSBC Olympics : A close up on the Singapore Contingent

Hellew all, time for a very big and long update. Well I have been quite busy for these past few weeks and much busier for these past 3 days; to be exact from the 25th July to 27th July. The bank held the HSBC Olympics whereby people from HSBC Singapore, Philippines, East Malaysia and West Malaysia came to compete in sporting events with people from HSBC Brunei. Siti Nora (a close friend of ours) got both me and my sister to help her out with her contingent; Singapore consisting of 44 people. We were assigned tasks to be at venues where these participants were playing at. It was just to accompany them and to make sure that they were very well taken care of. So we all did a very good job and Siti Nora told us that they were very impressed with us. Though each of us lacked of sleep and food, overall it was a success. We got feedback from the participants and hopefully if we do host another one of these events we will get things improved. To be honest I did not mingled much with them until we were at the airport, I don’t know why but maybe I’m just shy or I don’t really know what to say. Maybe there were plenty of things running through my head at the time or they were also shy. Anyhoos I hoped they had a good time and enjoyed their stay ;) Now I’ll post up some pics and please bear with me, some of these pictures are shaky and I’m just an amateur photographer with a slightly crazy camera… hahahah… the battery was crazy ;) so enjoy the pics =)

This are the giant chairs at the Rizqun hotel lobby, I did sit on them but I didn't have the chance to take a pic… yet =)

This was when the Singapore contingent arrived from the airport. My sis; Kathleen and I got both their name tags and room keys together.
Ok now I think there will be some individuals in the rest of these pics and I am very bad with remembering name =S so I’ll try my best to name everyone I remember ^_<
This is Roderick and Doreal; I think he was giving her name tag.

These are some of the ladies from Singapore.

Some more people… the lounge were getting crowded so we decided to wait at the lobby and let them do their thing.

The first thing I noticed with their luggage was the cans of beer they “tapau-ed” from their airport… hahahah I don’t blame them, the Limbang border is a bit far…

More luggage and more drinks ;P

I think this is when they wanted to go up to their rooms

Some more people collecting their luggage to move upstairs

Hahahah I dunno what to say about this… drinks going up? =)

This was early Saturday morning, they were getting in the bus to go to Belapan Stadium for the opening ceremony. Sorry, it's not Belapan... It's Padang Kebajikan... i got confused

These was all of them in the bus I think… the guy in the black shirt with one eye closed in the pic must have been blinded by my camera flash… it was very early… it was way before 7

Them at the stadium!!! They were taking pictures with their own cameras and also for the HSBC Shutterbugs… plenty of press present for the occasion=)

More pictures being taken

This is Siti J… she was just carrying the sign for East Malaysia

That’s the band from the Penjara

Group picture for the photogs

I think this was when they were done

That’s Tasha with East Malaysia

Wina and Harman for West Malaysia

A group of West Malaysians taking pictures

That’s my sis, Kathleen and Adi carrying the board and flag for Brunei

Siti Nora posing for me

Siti Nora with the mini Singapore flag they lent us

This is Shah, HSBC Brunei’s football player my #16… hahahah. We both work in the same section and we are quite close.

This is Azre, he is from HFBN Finance. Before I moved to HSBC, I was from another bank we worked in the same department and area and we are also quite close friends. So after a month I left the previous bank, he also joined HSBC. I miss talking to him

The Singapore team doing the march pass

East Malaysia was after Singapore. They actually stopped and sang for the people at the grand stand… Now that is what you call good team spirit!

The really bright yellow West Malaysians

The Philippines were the first to march in the field

People on the field

This was the Brunei Team, I was at the back

I wonder who are those from the Singapore Contingent… hmmm… Any guesses?

Hong Tai, Team captain for Table Tennis

The Penjara Band up close

The Singaporean Footballers getting ready

That’s the Singaporean badminton players… Some of them were catching some zZzzzZZZz for a bit

East Malaysian boys

The Belapan Field. Again, the Kebajikan Field

Singaporean footballers warming up

The match between Singapore and West Malaysia. To be honest, I enjoy watch Football and Futsal. I do understand why they’re kicking the ball around the field ;P I found that in this match the West Malaysians were very very aggressive and rough.

“Footballers get ready…”

Footballers in action!!! During this match, Siti Nora and I found that the opposing team were “bullying” our striker (correct me if I’m wrong), jersey 11; Muhsin. At one point during this match, we saw Muhsin flying over one football player attacking him from the front or the back and another on the side. Maybe it’s the nature of the game but the falls we saw him took were quite big ones. So… Singapore now to us has a “flying man” =) but I must say, he is a very good player.

Siti Nora and I fooling around with my camera

Footballers taking a rest before the next match

Footballers strategizing

Me and Siti Nora again *smile*

Here I am at Pusat Belia for the badminton matches

We were at the venue around 12 noon, we managed to beat the mid day rush hour *phew* I don’t why but during these matches I could not seem to stay awake… maybe it was the lack of sleep but I do hope no one noticed and there were no dodgy pictures of me.. Hahahah =P We finished off at Pusat Belia around 5 and when we got back to the hotel, we had to get ready so that we could go for the cultural dinner.

I don’t have any pictures because my camera was a bit bulky for my tiny bag. I did my hair and I wore a red cheongsam top… some of my colleagues at the dinner have seen me wearing that for the Chinese New Year Valentines back in February just that my hair was a bit different. Most of the participants didn’t dress up for the dinner; I guess they were a bit tired.

Sunday morning they had a badminton match, Kat and I did not go because we had some errands to run in Bandar so after we did our thing we dropped by Pusat Belia to see what was happening. I think we left before 9.30 a.m. for the hotel to do some things. Word did come to me that our “flying man” was injured so Kat and I decided to look for muscle relief cream for him, to help ease the pain. Good to see that “flying man” was doing ok when he was at the departure hall =D
The next few pics are of the Singaporean Contingent eating outside the Multi Purpose Hall before the closing ceremony starts.

This is Efah sticking her tongue out at me =P

Now this lady was weird… One man pulled me and told me that she wonders if I was happy… hmmm~~~ did I not look happy? Or happy in what sense? Maybe I didn’t catch her drift… I dunno

Selven and “flying man” Muhsin

Karl and Selven

The Singapore Contingent

All Contingents down there

Final pictures with the Singapore Contingent at the Multi Purpose Hall

The next few pics were taken at the Airport and I don’t remember the names of some participants… huhuhu =S

I know that in these pics, most of them were footballers

They were networking with each other… I heard that they don’t really know each other that well and it’s a rare occasion that they would all meet with each other.

That’s the badminton team

Them just talking among themselves

This was them regrouped before they check in for their flight

Garry, Erni from Card Ops; Brunei and Karl

A very blurry picture of some of the guys checking in

Siti Nora : “Peace everybody”

Two of the ladies from the badminton team

One of the guys from the badminton team

We stayed on until we saw no more Singaporean participants in sight at the check-in hall. Overall, it had been a very interesting 3 days for me. I did have fun but like all other good things, it has to end. I know that most of these participants were very tired and I do hope they had a good time here. That’s it for that….

Hmmm~~~ updates with me… I know that we will have a HSBC Oscars night on the 16th August. I still have yet to find something to wear. Oh, I think around the 13th or 12th of August it would be 1 year that I have been in HSBC. Yay!!! Hopefully more good and prosperous years to come for me =D I also have to do my 2nd Speech for my HSBC Toastmasters Meeting on the 6th… So far I’ve got no title and no speech… I am doomed~~ I don’t know what else is planned yet… I guess this is it for now… will try to blog and update more ;) bubyez <33>


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