Thursday, July 10, 2008

*waves* Bye bye Amie...

Hey all... well yesterday was a sad day for me because Amie, my best friend has left for further studies in Melbourne... i will miss her because we've been hanging out quite lately and i felt like we have grown closer and i don't usually get to spend much time with her because both of us are always busy with our own things so yeah... at the airport, her mom told us all not to cry because she will be back by November for holidays. Amie if you are reading this, good luck!!!! =D Oh yeah, i tweaked the pics a bit ;) i actually took the day off to send Amie and when i was there earlier, Sultan was doing his rounds but i was not that bothered to go and chase after the crowd... hehehhe

This was the lot of us who were there to send her off, i dont remember most of the guys name, i only know siang in white and uncle billy in blue.

This is Jackie and me. Jackie used to work with me and she was also laeving to further her studies

L-R:Amie, Me, Alyaa

Amie and the guys

Amie and the other guys again

L-R: Mas, Amie and Me

Another group picture of us

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