Thursday, July 17, 2008

i didn't get it...

Hey all, my boss broke the news to me this morning... Actually its more like, she told me when i wanted to sit at my desk, this was even before i manage to settle down. She asked me if hr called me and i said no, so she said i'll tell you now, she said i didn't get it not because i'm not good but they found a suitable candidate and it was that lady i talked to the other day. well to highlight what she said which was all good, she said she liked that i have that eagerness to learn and that i should continue it and she also liked it that i have a very positive look on everything. What she said that surprised me was that she said that i was very brave to apply and to give it a go.. so yeah... How i feel? Hmm... i knew i was not going to get it and i did not expect anything from it... i just feel neutral.. or so for now =) Well, i'm still young and i'm sure there are more opportunities to come my way =).

Today, Dirah came out to see me, she asked me to help her to distribute some questionnaires to senior managers... it was good to see Dirah... i have not seen her in a bit. I do hope to see the others some time soon =)

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