Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thanks to Hj Fouzi!!!

Hellew all, another big update with pictures. These pictures are not mine but are of one of the HSBC Shutterbugs!!! Yay!!! All credits and thanks goes to Hj Md Fouzi… Great shots and good timing for some of them. I salute you, Hj Fouzi! =) Enjoy all…

This is a picture of Hong Tai, Doreal and some of the Singaporean ladies in the background.

Now this is Roderick and a lady… Dunno what they talking about

I think this is the table tennis team… I don’t remember seeing them much…

0716 : This is the Football Team. Good job, guys! =)

These are pictures of them during the March Pass

This is Hani and Aedy looking very very serious.

Some of the people from the Singapore Contingent listening intently to Rosdi’s speech

Umm~~ Ladies… Watcha doing? Hehehe =P

Footballers warming up

The next few pictures are of the footballers in action =) Please don’t mind my comments ok.

“Left or Right… Which side are you gonna pick?”

Oooohhhh… Nasty fall…

I remembered this scene.. I think this is when the KL team scored a goal

Eyes on the ball people!!!

Ivan and Sam watching from the sidelines

woah… did the ball hit the guy? Hmm~~~

Getting a warning there, Muhsin? =)

The next lot of pics are of Muhsin in action… I find that there are plenty of pictures of him from the photogs… well I did see some previews from one of them. They must really like him =D


The Padang was very muddy and slippery and this guy literally fell and slide through the field.

That’s a how you kick a ball… eheheh =)

Other team members in action

This is a picture of the ladies from the Brunei and Singapore Netball team after the closing ceremony.

Here, Roderick sharing a good laugh with another fellow staff from West Malaysia I think.

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