Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My bus Miri trip with my ex- colleagues was a very cool and interesting, i had a lot
of fun taking pictures which i then ran out of memory space so i used my phone... hmm~~~ i should get my own camera soon. FYI, I loaned my sister’s camera =P . I did meet with a couple of people from work and also some friends too =) so yeah... be warned, i’m a bit vain sometimes so i take pictures of myself... ehehheh =)

8.05 am : i think this was at the gas station where we had a pit stop, some people had to go to the loo. That’s Rosie with me

8.37 am: This was when we were on our way so i guess we were on the highway.

8.37 am: These were some of the people on the bus with us, i don’t really know these 2 ladies. But we all had fun in the bus, people cracking loads of jokes and there was bus catering too!!!!

8.37 am: That’s the front where all the food is at! Yumm~~~

8.38 am: Here it’s me again, this was after an hour they picked me up from the highway, so i think i actually stepped into the bus looking like this, and it was right after i woke up, showered and bought some snacks at an Indian shop. I look terrible... hahahah =P

8.38 am: Here we are still on our way...

8.54 am: Lo and behold... we already passed the toll and we were getting our passports chopped at the Brunei border.

8.54 am: This is Chong, well that’s his nick name... hahahah... he’s being shy... awww...

8.54 am: These are some of my friends, they were trying to take pictures.

8.54 am: There they go... *smile ppl*

8.55 am: They’re still at it!!! *keep smilling*

8.55 am: Different photographer now...

8.55 am: Now that’s a bit of Chong with one of the ladies basket for her fruits.

8.56 am: These are some of the people i used to work with. L-R: Hjh Saripah, Rosie, Dani, Zimin

8.56 am: Me again, this time my hair looks better =D

8.57 am: We are still at the customs

9.33 am: This was when we were on our way to Miri town!!!! Yay!!!

9.34 am: Going round the bend....

10.14 am: Our first stop was at the Tamu. Initially some of us did not want to get off the bus, but one of the ladies just asked us to tag along. So these 2 guys and i decided to stay at the parking lot of the tamu... we didn’t feel like going in. Chong got really hot and he decided that he wanted to sit at the back of this egg vendor truck.

10.14 am: The guy in blue is Then. So Chong approached the truck and started talking to the man in Chinese and i think he asked permission to sit in his truck... The man selling the eggs was very friendly and nice =)

10.14 am: A few customers were actually looking at the blue plastics on the floor, those are actually green oranges in a big plastic which only costs RM$3, per bag, Chong of course tried his sales skills... unfortunately, he did not succeed.

10.15 am: The full view of the truck and its owner and wannabe owner... hahahah...After the tamu, we went to Imperial... ummm... we did take a group photo but that was on the other camera... i’ll try to get it soon

1.31 pm: This was some of us walking back to the bus from Bintang Plaza. I got a couple of things here and i saw some ppl from work... At this point, i was shopping by myself, my friend Rosie was going round with either the other ladies or with Mr Baldy. In this shopping mall, i got a book, stationary, Famous Amos Cookies, sunblock, heel balm and food from McDonalds!!!! The double cheese burger is a personal favourite of mine plus i like washing it down with Ribena and the burger tastes so much better from Miri... To be honest, i actually had the burger the night before in Gadong and there was no OOOMMMPHHH... the one i got in miri had plenty of OOOOOOMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPHHHHHH.... hehheeh ;)

1.34 pm: That is a crowd of ppl using other buses

1.34 pm: One of the ladies in the bus...

1.34 pm: Look at all of them... Bata must have made good $$$$ that day =)

1.34 pm: These shoppers were using the really big bus so there were loads of them

1.35 pm: I think here we were waiting for the others to come back to the bus

1.35 pm: This was one of the common things they bought... Cooking oil... they really buy in bulk!!!

1.35 pm: In front is one of the buses that they use.

1.36 pm: This is me, tired and hot but i could still manage a smile here

1.38 pm: I just decided to take this picture to kill time

1.44 pm: Ahhhh.... Coffee Bean and McDonald’s; my favourite places to dine. It makes me miss Coffee Bean in Bandar, i had good times there. *i heart Coffee Bean; Bandar*

2.08 pm: Here i think more people came back to the bus and at this point they Chong and a couple of them were cracking jokes.

2.08 pm: Still cracking more jokes

3.09 pm: Ahhh... here we are at Boulevard Hypermart. The parking lot was quite big and i think they had a food fair or something...

3.10 pm: At this point, i was already in the bus, i dd not know what else to buy so i waited for the bus with some people and i decided to take pictures. At this place, i saw some more people from work and one of them asked me how i got to Miri and he was surprised. Just the other day i had a conversation with him and he was quite surprised that i would actually take a bus to Miri with my ex-colleagues. I see no harm in taking a bus... its fun and you get to know each other better =D

3.10 pm: Here is the other buses that the other crowd took.

3.10 pm: Me again... still smilling *=D))*

3.12 pm: Look Boulevard Hypermart

3.44 pm: Last stop near the town... The Economy Shop... This shop sells groceries in bulk.

3.44 pm: I have never been to this shop until this trip... This shop is hidden away in one of the residential areas... i was surprised to see it in such a hidden location... well at least to me its hidden. I was now too tired to get off the bus.

4.30 pm: EMART!!!!!

4.30 pm: I wanted to take a picture of the sign but obviously i was not successful, the tree was blocking my view.

4.31 pm: i still can manage to smile here, i actually bought a bag to carry my goods and a phone headset just to entertain myself on the long ride back.

4.31 pm: more pictures of Emart.

4.31 pm: Photo taking session!!!!

4.32 pm: HAHA!!! Look at them pose..

4.33 pm: These ladies decided to entertain themselves with some magazines while they wait for the others.

4.34 pm: This was the girl behind me... don’t know her name. Throughout the whole trip, i did not see her buy anything... or so i think.

5.03 pm: Here we are trying to get back, we were trying to get back and we were in a long queue at the Miri Border

5.09 pm: Can you see the long stretch of cars along the bend?

5.27 pm: It started to rain when we reached the Malaysian Checkpoint and this is where i ran out of “film”... hahahahha so i decided to use my phone; the pictures are small but ok

Here we are still waiting at the border and the long line in front

Still waiting and in started to rain more heavily

Here we were around that road where you want to get to the Brunei Border

Still waiting, and yeah more waiting...

In this part the bus was asked to park and the wanted to ask us to carry every item we bought out of the bus which was crazy... So one of the ladies said to the officer “ We have so many things to carry out and we are not going to do it”. So in the end the officer asked us to get off the bus so he can inspect the goods we bought. The officer just wanted to make sure we did not but a million bottles of cooking oil.... so go figure with the other big buses behind us =P

So that concludes my Miri Trip on a bus, we reached a blue-green bank in Gadong at 8pm... After that i went to watch a futsal match so i think i got home around 11++ or 12 and i slept around 1 am?!? I don’t really remember; i have been lacking sleep these past few days. =)

On Monday the 30th June, was half year closing, so we actually had teambuilding activities at Lumut Liang Recreational Club(LLRC). I was in the committee and it was fun, i didn’t have to go through the gruelling activities that was set for the participant. Oh yeah, i actually had an interview last week for a supervisory role in my work section. I did not want to apply but my officer felt that i was ready. Well, i felt that my boss, who by the way interviewed me, butched me. To me it was like she first chomped off my head and spit my skull out and she then ate me up slowly while spitting out bones. Maybe i’m exaggerating a lot but this was how i felt. They asked me questions such as:
“What motivates you?”
“What demotivates you?”
“What would you do if a staff complained about their application?”
“Why did you apply for this role and not the other one?”
And the big bonus one was this  “What would you do if another person got this job?”
Well, i was stunned at some points but yeah if it goes through. I also did realize that my age does affect their decision. Earlier on that day, my boss asked me how old i was so i think she is a bit worried that i may not be matured or experienced enough. One of the other persons at the interview was a year older than i was but that person has been in this area for i think nearly 3 years and i have only been around for 10 months. I’m not expecting anything out of this but if it does go through, i know people will talk. I, of course would be benefit but yeah, its hard to explain some feelings in words.


Anonymous said...

Can you add some more photos?

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KeL said...

i'd love too but, that's all i have of that trip

Anonymous said...

Does Brunei do bus trips to Miri kan? I've been wanting to go tapi not by driving alone..which bus it it?

KeL said...

Hi anonymous... sorry for the late reply... inda plg ada but u can charter a bus with a group of your friends to go... i dunno which company my friends used but u can try phls or another company. for this bus trip, our fare was $16 +++ per person i think