Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hellew.... Well a lot has happened.... Firstly, i MISSED JO's flight!!!! Jo, if you are reading this, i'm so sorry!!!! i came a bit too late!!!! SORRY JO!!!! I promise we will hang out in June!!! Maybe it's not meant to be this time around.... =(

My birthday is coming up in a couple of days... One thing for sure is that, i don't want any attention... For the people at the institution, i DON'T want ANY SURPRISES or PRESENTS.... Actually, to be honest, i don't want anything from them.... WHY?!? I really feel that i don't fit in, it does not feel right and its not the same as being with friends that you have. This time around, for my birthday, i don't want anything... i hate surprises and i'm very hard to please. At this point, I feel very down....

Sigh~~~~ i hope things will turn soon.... bubyez... muahzz <33

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