Thursday, March 1, 2007


Hellew all... well, the penguinz gave me a surprise yesterday.... they surprised me with a birthday cake... i did not expect it... but they did it...they got me this really yummy chocolate cake. This is how it went... it was our last tutorial and the penguinz told me not to go back first... bcoz we needed to discuss our P.I.A. Then i told one of them that i needed the loo and she said that she will wait for me. So as i was walking down the stairs to the kooperasi, and when they saw me they started singing happy birthday... it was so totally unexpected.... And i really appreciate what they did because it did lift up my spirits =) and i think i'm going to be ok, its jut a phase i'm going through. i think i'm over analyzing things... I'm really grateful that i have friends like them and i really loved the surprise cake =)

i guess this is it for tonight.... bubyez... muahz <33>

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