Monday, February 12, 2007


First of all, i'd like to say HI!!!! to Metal Chick, thanks for tagging me and congratz on ur blog and your tag board as well =). It's good to "read" that you are doing well =D heheheeheh... The next shout out is for FARID!!!!! Thanks for the testimonial and i would really love it that you would cook my 3 favourite foods for me... That's very sweet =) hehehehehe i'm sure it would taste good =)

Now for some updates, well... ummm... Its been a week since i've blogged or do anything.... Oh my physics-related-subject test.... I didn't do too well... i failed i scored 13/60!!!! How great is that?!? And then during our tutorial, my lecturer asked me a question that i could not answer. I did not know the answer because i did not attend her extra classes... and it was not on purpose... i had a valid MC for 7 days and my head was in a bandage... i can't come to classes looking like a mummy!!!! But hey, some lecturers are like this right?!? Moving on to other news, i had a haircut, it was just to get rid of the split ends i had on my hair. My hair is slightly shorter and my fringe is at another parting. I wanted to cut my hair till it was shoulder lengthed, but i decided not to because i don't want to give people the shock of their lives andi still love my long hair =D hehehehe... i'll probabaly do that next month, if i have the guts =)

Ohhhh.... At the moment i'm obsessed with this chinese song. Its from the sound track from love @ first note and the song is called Kong by Justin Lo.... Although i don't understand chinese, the song sounds good and when i watched the movie, it had deep meaning to it =D heheeheh Oh and the guy whom i think is cute just passed by me.... hehehehe.... he's so cute and tall ~sigh~ another one of my infactuations i suppose =)

I gotta go, lectures will start in 6 mins... will blog again later... Bubyezz... Muahz <33

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