Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Loads have been happening

Hellew.... well a lot has happened in both my institution life and at home. Well for starters.... i have PLENTY of assignments to complete!!!!! And guess what?!? The due dates for these assignments are in March!!!!! All at different weeks!!!! ~sigh~~~ =( Then there is one assignment which is due one day before my bday!!!! ~double sigh~~~ =( It looks like i'm gonna be really really busy for the next 2 months... I hate all the work that they are giving us... somehow i think its a torture test for all us students to see how well we can endure this assignment torture months =P Oh them lecturers... they like doing things like this.... Well... hmmm~~~ For one of my assignments, i have decided to work with someone else because i want to experience working with someone new.

ohhh.... I am POSITIVELY SURE that i have failed my physics-related-subject test. U wanna know what our lecturer is planning to do? She plans to break some of the tutorial groups and mix us with other tutorial groups.... One of my class mates posed a very logical question "What's the point of separating us?" And yeah... what is the point? what happen if we have friends in the other tutorial groups and we start blabbing even more? Bet she didn't think about that... or what if we have a crush on someone in the other tutorial group? now that's an even bigger distraction... no?!? =P heheheheeheh.... well, i think i'm over analyzing things here... heheheh

i guess this is it for tonight.... will blog soon.... Muahz <33

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