Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It's Valentine's Day <33

Hey all!!!! It's Valentine's Day!!!! Well, earlier this week, i did not realize that today would be Valentine's day.... Nothing much has happened... its not like i do expect anything to happen though =) So far, i came to school late because my dad was worried that no one would be in the institution so he decided to send me instead. In the institution, i wanted to sms my best friends, but when i wanted to i came to realization that i don't have their numbers in my phone. How did this happened? well... it was when my phone memory card decided to go loco on me. so that was how i lost some of them numbers.

During lunch, the penguinz and i decided to find for a good place to eat... we ended up eating at LLF beside under ten in serusop. That was the first time i have eaten anything else other than their cucur keladi. We all had chicken rice.... might i add, it was not too bad, it was very nice. I think that is about it for today... Happy V-Day everyone... bubyez... muahz <33

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