Monday, November 24, 2008


On sunday... i went out with both Katherine and Sharin for sushi and we decided to check out Excapade Shokudo.... I decided to take some interesting pics... heheheh.... Enjoy peeps =D))

A hospital for your shoes... hahahah i can't believe they exist

Look at all the food on our table!!!

My food!!!! Garlic Fried Rice & Salmon Furai

I have no idea what i was looking at!!!

Majority of our plates stacked up... mind you we had 2 more plates lying around the table =D

The Train

The hot water tap

Ani gambar org2 ke-kanyangan... hahahahah =P

The signboard of the shop across

The Madagascar characters hung at Seri Q-Lap mall...

Well, i think this is it for today... nothing interesting has happened... So tata for now <33

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AfeaZD said...

hi I love sushi so much,just come to visit,nice blog u have here :)

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