Friday, November 21, 2008

This one's scandalous....rowrrrr.... =P

Hellew all....Plenty have been happening at work and i am very close to jumping out of a window... hahahhaha... that is how stressed i am... it's ok this will pass me... Oh yes, i will be attending a colleagues' wedding tomorrow night. I'll try to get some pictures to post up. hmmm~~~ why did i post up pictures of these two boys? well as you can see they are gay and they are or was the most famous gay couple in Beijing. Why i said was? well i did read somewhere that the just broke up recently or something like that. I actually got an email at work with pictures of these 2 boys and i dunno i somehow got curious...wait it was more like "attracted" and wanted to find out more abt these 2 boys. They are both not so bad looking. I mean there is no denying it as gay people exist all around the world, even here. So yeah, the taller guy is and the smaller one is kirio. Apparently is a young model, i think and kirio is 16. I actually saw quite a number of pictures in my search and these are my favourites. Oh yeah... i'm pro gay ppl =D)) and enjoy the pics

i found this picture a lil' bit scandalous... hahahah =P

I like this photo... its very nice

Ok so i'll update again on sunday abt the wedding... heheheheh... i hope no one is disturbed by the pics =D)) it's just my point of view and what i have seen around here and there in my life.

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