Friday, December 21, 2007

happy xmas!!!

Hello all!!!! Well, I did promise to keep u all updated… well, I’m going on leave from work soon… I actually have 4 days and I’m taking it at the end of the year so I start back at work on the second day of the New Year. To me, it has seemed as if though time has really flown by and a lot has happened this year. I met a lot of new people and I went through new experiences, most good and some bad. I’ve never had so much going on this year than I have with any other, but looking back I’m surprised I made it through and survived. Honestly, the last 5 months of this year has been my happiest of all… and no, I’m not talking about a guy!! =D It’s just that I finally knew where I could fit in and prove the best of me to people, I’m glad that all the hardships that I had went through was worth it. It has taught me to be strong and determined. I know I sound like a crazy or deranged person here but to me, I learnt a lot this year and I value all that has happened.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?!? I don’t think I’ll have one for the next year, they don’t seem to work… but I do hope next year will be an even better year for me with loads of partying and fun action or even a guy maybe? ;) hahahaha… one can only wish I say and I hope I don’t sound desperate, because I’m not… just want some fun with no strings attached… =)

Moving on to other things, Christmas is near and I won’t be spending it in the office!!! Yay!!!! Actually, I’m looking for a good party for the New Year; I wanna go out, dance, drink and have some fun. I don’t know of any parties that are going on, but if any of you know if there is any parties like this going, please do tell me!!!! I want to end my year with a great party, good drinking and dancing. Hahahaha… I want something new this year. Like some people they want to spend it with their loved ones, I think this year I just wanna meet new people, make new acquaintances and go silly or something. I think I’m at a point in my life where I just want to let loose and get some fun action…. Hahahah I think I think too much =P …. Hahahahah… I’m really silly aren’t I?!?

Well people, I think this is my last post for this year. So Happy Christmas and I wish you all a prosperous New Year ahead!!!! That’s me, signing out… bubyez <33


KeL <33

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