Saturday, March 29, 2008

2008 updates

Hellew all… it’s been a while since I’ve blogged… Well, a lot has happened… WOW!!!! My last blog was posted up last year… Let’s review the last three months of 2008 in my life… January… hmmm~~~~ nothing much happened in January, no action. Oh I forgot, my new year did not consist of partying, dancing, drinking and even meeting new people. I didn’t manage to go to a party, although I heard the baze party was happening but it’s ok I had my own fun. January was nothing much for me… Ok now February, I had a lot of activities that month I think… Jo was around, I did manage to meet up with her… we did a lot of catching up. And then there was Chinese New Year. We actually had a Chinese New Year celebration in the office; it was a day before Valentine’s Day so it was called, Chinese Ney Year Valentine’s. I did wear a cheongsam top and I even put my hair in two small buns… a lot of people said I looked like chun-li and that I was cute… overall it was not too bad, I just felt really hot in the cheongsam, the material was really thick.

Then there were the National Day Practices… Oh My God!!!! I was so tired during this time, I actually had practices at night and some of them were in the morning too… I didn’t bother to make friends, too tired and worried about work. I did get to see Azre and Zai, so that was not too bad. And if I’m not mistaken, we had a lot of makan2 in the office so that was good too =)… and oh… BONUS!!! I got a good bonus, more than I expected so it was good for me =D

Then March came along… Well, I want to thank everyone who had greeted me… Thank you very much... I couldn’t take a day off on my bday bcoz one of my friends was on leave and I had to do some of her work, but it was good… the whole week was good… I was surprised with a cake from my colleagues; I actually got some food for them so it was good… I think the next day, Mas decided to have lunch with me, and you know what Amie came along, it was to surprise me… they came with a cake, American Baked Cheese Cake from Mum’s Bakery… the cake was GREAT!!!! I LOVED IT =) Later on that day, my colleagues surprised me with a gift from I think from 17 of them, my boss actually came up to me and said, “SURPRISE!!!! I know it’s a bit late, but we hope you like it =)” In my head, I was thinking, “Why is she saying surprise? And it’s like nearly time to go home” At this point, I saw nothing, then my boss gave me a plastic bag with a smaller paper bag in it and a fancy coloured paper signed by my colleagues. So I was like thinking “Oh a gift and it’s in a Diamonds and Platinum paper bag, main2 kali ni” When I opened the bag and saw the Diamonds and Platinum box, in my head I was like “Oh My God, this is REAL!!!!” And when I opened the box, there was a pendant. It was in the shape of a key with a 21 and a diamond on it… I was amazed, my first diamond =)… I really like the pendant. And you know what; the key actually symbolizes something which I found out later on that day. Keys are usually given from a parent to the child when he/she turns 21, it means “letting go”. Not many people practice such traditions but that is what it means. I was given a “key” from my colleagues and I feel very… I really don’t know how to put it maybe they are letting me spread my wings and are willing to compromise with the decisions I take. I feel very happy and honored. I guess they see me growing up eh, that’s what you get being the youngest in the team, but I bet they did not expect me to be a lil’ bit naughty… =D

Oh did I also mention that the laptop my sis and I share went CRAZY? I could not reformat it myself because the vendor that we bought the laptop from did not give it to us. We had to do it at the shop and it cost us a freaking $120!!!! My sister’s colleague did hers in Tutong and it only cost her $35!!!!! I feel very cheated but it’s ok, I’m cool… just as long as it runs fine and is not corrupted, it’s all good. And you know what… I got myself a new laptop on Monday, it’s a Dell Inspiron. I actually wanted yellow but they ran out of that colour so I decided on red. Red is hot, the pink was nice but it was not as hot as the red one. Oh I also left out the annual dinner, we had our annual dinner on the 22 March and I enjoyed myself, I danced from when the dancing started till 1++ am. It was fun, I like dancing =D and I did not really sleep till 1++pm. I had a very interesting early morning, I did manage to sleep between 6am to 7.15am. We checked out before 12 and when I got home, I showered, watched a bit of TV and then I slept from 1++pm till 4++pm.

And also I was on 4½ days of leave; I was on half day on Monday, that was when I picked up my laptop. On Tuesday, I went to Miri just to jalan2 and I bought some stuff for some people. I bought myself 3 pairs of slippers, food, a book, files, pillow and bolster covers and the best one of all, a big bone pillow!!! The pillow looked so cute so I bought it. Nothing much happened on Wednesday and Thursday. I think my sis and I brought my mum out shopping and that was it. I did buy some new dvds on Monday night so I watched the first season of That 70s Show and Juno. I still have a long way to go before I finish everything. Friday… I did not do much, I did go out and we watched P.S. I love you at the Empire Cinema. So that it… I’ll update u all soon =) bubyez <33

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