Tuesday, December 4, 2007

first week of work~~~

Hey all!! Time for another long update =) First and foremost, my most sincerest apologies to Dirah. I’m really, really sorry that I did not attend your sister’s wedding, even though I was expected to come… things changed overnight for some people. The reason why I could not attend Dirah’s sister wedding was because my sister’s boyfriend lost his father the day before so I had to accompany my sister to KB to pay our respects to his father. My sister’s boyfriend is very strong willed even with his great loss. Heads up to him…

Latest updates with me… hmmm~~~ I went to the beach with some of my former workmates on the 12/8… no pictures to show because we did not take any… I think it was because of the heat… I was so tensed from the night before that I could not sleep due to the noodle crisis that we had earlier on =) but overall, I had good fun and I got my cheeks really burnt, I looked like a lobster =P… and oh yeah I was given a big lo-down on what has been happening in the office. My former officer, Lillian likes to rub it in to the big boss that she made a big mistake of letting me go… and she did it in front of the big boss too!!! Hahahaha… I really miss all of them excluding my big boss =). Then one of the ladies said to her manager that I actually got the job at HSBC and that I’m really well paid there… hahhahahah… to be honest… I DID get the job!!!! =D and yes, I’m paid much more at HSBC.

I reported for work officially on the 13/8, I was a nervous wreck!! A lot of the staff there commented that I look so much like my sis and when I told them that she was my sister, they were like “No wonder!!!” Oh yeah, I do not work in the same building as my sister, I work in Jerudong… so its much more closer to home =) In my first day, I was taught a couple of things, I even did a bit of filling so it was not too bad. My second day was ok I think, it was just normal, the third day I was really busy, I practically all over the place, if I’m not upstairs, I’m downstairs plus I was attached to the office assistant, just in case she goes away. On my fourth day, I actually came to work at 10 because before that I had my driving law test… yeah I’m finally taking my license and it’s at my own expenses. So if all goes well, I’ll be buying a new car by either the end of the year or early next year. I’m planning to get the Mitsubishi Lancer, not the new one but the one before the new one was launched. Oh speaking of new cars, we have two new car additions to the garage! My sisters got new cars; Katherine, the teacher got a silver Toyota Corolla and Kathleen, the one who works in HSBC got a red Suzuki Vitara. So the next car, which will be mine will be a white Mitsubishi Lancer I think… ok enough side tracking, back to my fourth day, I actually fell down near the lift on the 3rd floor of my building, I actually work on the second floor… I was so embarrassed when one guy said to me from his desk “Ok ko kah?” and I said yeah, I was too afraid to look at anyone, he actually asked me twice… hahahaha. Well I just laughed it off, I fell because my flip flops got caught on the stepping so yeah hahhahahah… my fifth day, some of my colleagues made jokes with me and I finally cracked my first joke in front of my officer. She actually asked me to go take a document back from upstairs and when I did she asked me to give it to this guy who happens to be behind her. So as I gave it to him I said, “Safu, bercharge kali ni ah” and my officer laughed out loud and she said “Wah!!! Pandai ia sudah” and I just laughed. My boss is really nice; everyone is just really nice, friendly and helpful. I really like and enjoy my job so I think I’ll be in HSBC for a very long time =)

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