Tuesday, July 17, 2007

loong weekend

Hellew all!!! Time for another update =). Well plenty had happened over the looonnnggg weekend. Mine actually started on Friday night. Friday night, the bank’s recreational club had a movie night at the Empire cinema, it was for Harry Potter. I actually was not a member of the recreational club but everyone (when I mean everyone, it’s the young ppl in my office) asked me to join even though I’m like leaving soon. So I joined the club, got a voucher and we were all looking for extra vouchers that we could get from the senior staff so we don’t have to pay the non member price which is $8.50 compared to $3 for members. So yeah, at the end we managed to get 10 vouchers and I was put in charge of redeeming them. That Friday I took half the day off because I had a written test at HSBC! I was very thrilled. There was 3 test; an English test, a Math test and a personality test. The Math test was not what I thought it would be, it was one of those questions where you use the graphs and tables to find the answer. So it was not too bad, we were just given a time limit to do the test and I think most of us did not finish it. I just hope I get the job there… I so need a new job! Ok back to the night at the Empire, our movie was supposed to start at 7.20 and I was there at about 6.30++ and I managed to get seats where we wanted. So I waited in the lobby with other bank staffs. So we all watched the movie and after, only Rosie, Azre and I hanged out at the parking lot… it was fun =)

On Saturday, well I was home the whole morning, and in the afternoon when we went to pick up my mum, we sent one of our sisters off to swimming and then we went shopping. I wanted to experiment on a new recipe… actually more like Amie’s mum recipe, her Macaroni and Cheese… Did you know that finding Kraft’s Miracle whip is hard?!? So yeah we went shopping for a bit then we went home… not too interesting eh? So I made my macaroni and cheese… it think it was good, it went well I think. The only problem was that the cheese which I diced into small cubes was a bit too big but it was yummy.

Then on Sunday, my sis and I went for a KB road trip… well it started pretty late due to unforeseen reasons. So I’ll post up pictures for that bcoz pictures speak more words… heheheh =). And also other pics that I should have posted up! Enjoy.

me, rosie and raie at Empire for Harry Potter

at amie's housewarming some time ago
me and raie at Empire, waiting for the rest to arrive
some monument in kb
tea pot monument in kb
on our way back, the skies
me and my sis somewhere on the highway
my sis in kb walking to mum's
tea pot monument again
me on the buggy ride some sunday ago
my sis driving
the perayaan stalls in kb

me and my sis on our way to kb
me eating chicken kueh teow and ABC in kb... total $2.30
me in TPH sometime ago
my sis with the same food in kb

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