Thursday, July 19, 2007

happy and content =)

Hi all!!! =).Well, I’ve got good news… First of all, my sis found out how I did for my tests at HSBC… I was pretty surprised myself when she told me… I got 79%ile for the English test and for my Math test, I scored a 76%ile!!! I was pretty surprised about the Math test result… I really want this job so badly!!! My sis says I have to wait for the guy to call me up… I’ll then have to go through the interview, which I cannot screw up! ~oh my! I’m getting nervous even before I got the call ;) As for my last day at the bank, it will be tomorrow and I’m pretty happy about it. All that I have gone through, all the hard work, stress, pressure and load of crap I went through is finally over!!! Yay!!! :D For sure, I’ll the one celebrating and being all happy and jolly about it! My work at this bank is done and its time to move on… I’m moving on to better things in life =) and also I think I’m destined to work in a bank… For some reason, I really like what I’m doing and if I get that job at HSBC, which I must get, I hope things will be better there and I hope I’ll not just like my job but love it as well =) I sound like a psycho lah!!! But this is how happy I am at the moment =D

Oh before I go off… I just give a BIG THANK YOU to CT…. thanks for the support you have given me and the pep talk that you gave me yesterday! You’re one of the friends I treasure the most =) thanks CT!!!! And also, DIRAH… thank you for giving me encouragement and asking me to apply at other places =) you don’t have to worry about me… I’m doing really good at the moment, actually I’ve never been more happier =) I have good things ahead of me =) Thanks Dirah for the encouragement… you’re a good friend <33

Aight that is all for now… I’ll update soon =) bubyez… muahz <33

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