Friday, July 3, 2009


Hellew All, finally i have made time to blog. A lot has happened since my last post, i'm still really jammed packed at work with so many things to do and work related activities going on. I'm slowly clearing all of my work, things are just piling up like there is no tomorrow. First of all, i now understand why my friend told me "Don't disappoint me, make me proud ok". It has something to do with what someone said to "my soon to be line manager". When "my soon to be line manager" told her staff that i would be joining her, the person said "Liat, geng siapa" and "my soon to be line manager" got bangang. It was not only "my soon to be line manager" decision but also the assistant manager's. I was a little bit upset because I can't believe that this person judged me by who I make friends with. They just really don't know me. I worked hard to be where i am and i can't help it if the door of opportunities open for me. I will prove that person wrong.

Moving on to another geram hati event, during Banker's half closing day, I got shot down, chewed up and spat out! A fellow colleague compared me to my peer colleagues and felt that i was not doing much. My work may not be a lot BUT VOLUME WISE!!!!!!! It's an easy task but if you get bombarded with documents by the truckload every week for several month, and you can tell me you can finish everything within that period, be my guest. Try it!!! Try being in my shoes, they think they can do it... This made me more upset and angrier. My job scope and my peer colleagues are different, the line of work is all so different. No one said anything to defend me. I must admit, i was taken aback but then i realised to argue would be a waste of my time because i'm leaving them. THANK GOD!!!!

Other things, i watched transformers twice. I'm going on a short trip in 2 weeks time, i hope that goes well, then it will be to my new role... So many things to do and yet so little time...

~ As long as my head's in the right place, my feet are on the ground, i think i'll be fine~

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