Thursday, June 11, 2009

A turn in life

Hellew all, i decided to post up this random picture, it's a lotus flower and the words below it is in japanese pronounced kouf-ku which means happiness. This was supposed to be my tattoo that i was supposed to get when i went to S'pore last March, but some things happened and i did not go through with it. I will still get it, not so soon but most probably in the future. It has been 15days since my dad has passed, my sis and i went to visit his grave after my interview yesterday. I can tell you, i'm coping really well with it. My heart does not feel heavy now compared to what i felt a few hours before he passed. I have said everything i needed to say before he left. Honestly, i can tell you that i'm not as close to my dad as my other sister is but we did have our moments, aggreements and disagreements. He always gets worried when i decide to drive on my own... heheheheh... Parents will be parents ya. =D I feel that it was his time, at least he is not hurting anymore.And as usual, life has to go on. R.I.P Daddy, we will always love you <3

Updates on what has been happening...I'm actually still on leave and will only be back at work starting Monday. I went to the office yesterday for an internal vacancy interview for another department. I was a bit nervous the day before because have applied for 2 other vacancies before this and i did not get the first one and the other position was being put on hold at the moment. The interview went very well and you know what? An hour or two after the interview, my line manager sms-ed me to tell me that i should call the HR personnel. And yeah, I GOT IT!!!!! I was very surprised and happy because things like this normally take a longer time. So i was surprised that the response was very fast. The reason why i applied for this new job in the first place was because i am tired with my current job and there is no prospects of me moving up the career ladder. This new job will be something new and interesting. I'm also scared at the same time... but it's ok, life is always full of surprises, it all depends on how you take and react to each situation. ;)

I think a very close friend of mine helped me, because she just kept nagging me to apply. I wanted to apply when the advert came out but things happened so quickly that i had to take emergency leave, then the vacancy's deadline was extended and i applied whilst on leave. So yeah, it could be my luck and the help of some close friends of mine. My friend also told me and i quote "Don't disappoint me, make me proud ok". My friend, i WILL make you proud and i will prove myself to everyone. I will make sure that i will give my all and that they won't regret taking me in.... Ahhhhh... I'm in bliss.... New directions and new beginnings. Maybe things are looking my way now. I don't exactly know when i will start this new role, i guess it's most probably after they find a replacement for me. I will make sure that i clear everything i have pending now, even if it means coming to work on Saturdays, i will do it... I won't even claim OT for it... hehhehehe... yes that is how happy and semangat i am now =D I guess this is it for now.. will update soon =D bubyez <33

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