Sunday, April 5, 2009

Book Making Class

Hellew all. Today my sister gave me my birthday gift and it was a book making session where i learned the correct and proper way to make books. It was a very interesting and enjoyable time for me. I would recommend it to people who likes to do arts and craft. A session which is about 3 to 4 hours cost $75, including a book making kit which you get to choose (this kit comes with the papers, cardboards, and all essentials you need for book making basics), all stationaries provided and refreshments. You also learn how to handle a drill as well. So its pretty cool. In the end you not only get a book but you know how to make a book. So here are some pics of the class.

The Dream Book

More books

My Final Product

Our class

This is the card of the person who runs the whole bookmaking session. Its a bit blur, yes but if you would like to know more about Rozi and what she does, you can click here. You will schedules of her upcoming classes and also galleries of her already made books and also photo albums for some of her clients. Its a very interesting class and i will tell you that you would not realize that time really flies. i guess that it is for now... Bubyez =D))

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