Saturday, April 18, 2009

At the brink of insanity!!!

Hellew all, work this week has been really crazy. Crazy sh*t has been happening and work is piling up like there is no tomorrow. I really don't know how i get through things like these, let alone work. I just realize, how the hell was i able to withstand doing everything that i do? i think i need to move out, and get away from those neverending paperwork!!!! All jobs i know have paperwork, but this one, its forever paperwork! Some days i feel like I'm so close to jumping out a window. Anywhoos, forget that... you know what was the craziest thing that happened to me this week? I nearly LOST my purse and my phone!!! And how this happened, i had a rough day at work on Tuesday and then my sis and i decided to eat at Ideal in Gadong, and as we left, i told my sis i carry the drink that we tapau-ed while she carried the food and we walked out and drove home. I only realised it when we were getting out of the car at home!!! And that is like 20mins to 30mins drive from Gadong. My sis panicked, i panicked like hell, because i would have to make a police report, then there are my atm and credit cards, my i.c. and every other important card there is. SH*T!!!! But Thank God, we actually brought home the receipt and we called the restaurant and i was very lucky that both my phone and purse was still there. I don't normally forget my things, but that day everything just seem to go out the window!

On a lighter note, i was "introduced" to a RnB singer, Stevie Hoang. His famous hit Addicted is a really cool one. I just downloaded his album, i have not got the chance to really listen to his songs but judgung from the songs i have heard, he's a good one. He's got several websites, but if you want to listen to what he's got you can click here. For more info and pictures you can try this and here.

I thank God its the weekend!

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