Tuesday, February 10, 2009


It's been a while since i've updated my blog. Well last week, i saw a lion dance at work, ate sushi with colleagues and then i got sick and was MC on friday. My first MC for this year. Then on saturday, i just slept mostly during the day, then picked up my aunty and Sunday, i went out with Mas and Amie. One of my friends, he uploaded old class photos of our primary and secondary years on facebook... and it was both on my part embarrassing and funny... it makes you wonder what ever happened to all the other ppl that you don't keep in touch with. Some of us still look the same, some different, some married while others either single or attached. They were really good memories, i can honestly say that i really enjoyed and had loads of fun in my secondary 4-5 years... actually, it was one of the best times of my life... i missed those times =D))

Anywhoos... today we had a meeting at work. Yesterday, i had strong feelings that i was going to get shot down at this meeting. The meeting actually started at 4 but my officer and i only stepped in at 5. I thank god my officer only made me go in with her... i was so afraid of getting shot down because, i had no idea how i would react if it were to happen; i had two reactions in my head, 1. burst out in anger or 2. shut up, listen and keep to myself. My officer was there to fend for me if the occasion arises. The meeting turned out good, there were very good suggestion raised and yeah, i did not get shot down... hehehheeh... yes, i over reactede a lil'.... hehhehehe XP. Oh yeah... i'm too lazy to post up pics, maybe another day... bubyez <33

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