Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a Bangkok Love Story

Hellew All... A very fast update. I actually drove to work alone today... i tell you, i think there is at least one crazy driver out there and there is also a certain car that is out to get you... one tried to run me over at a bend when i was on my way to work! Anyways... you are probably wondering about the picture above and the title of this blog. You see, i watched this movie last night. Its about a hitman who, i think, falls in love with his target, who is a gay man in denial married to a woman. What possesed me to buy this movie? I have no idea, i had this image in my head that it would be a happy and flowery movie but it was the complete opposite. It's got people who has aids, male prostitution, killings and yeah... grown well built men kissing and rolling on the groung at it. It was not what i expected but it was a good movie, it had a good storyline and i think i does reflect a little bit of some of the people lives in Thailand. So it does give an insight of how gay people are... they are just like normal people just in love with the same sex person.

Well tomorrow, i will be eating again. This time at CDP Curry House... i'll try to get some pics to post... so i guess that's it for this post... bubyez <3

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NureL Ez said...

CDP Curry house at gadong? aren't they closed already? or they moved? hehehe not really sure..