Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day <3

Hellew all!!!! Happy Valentine's Day... as for myself, i have no valentine this year... but hey its ok, it fun being free and single =D)) Anywhoos, i'm posting up a pic from CNY at the office and sushi with the colleagues. Plus, pics i snapped when i went to the RTB convention at ICC yesterday night and i managed to catch the dance show... interesting, i just saw the last few acts... not bad, great foot work! I also saw 2 familiar faces at the convention, Bob, a good friend of mine and Amelie... this lady sells jewellry accesories through her blog, Amelie Accesories, you can check it out at my Out 'n' About section. I have bought some of her products and its not too bad, i think she's also having a promotion till the end of Feb where you if purchase 2 items and above, you get a 20% discount! So enough with the blabbing and on with the pictures! =D))

Eating sushi with the colleagues

Group pic with the Lion

Last sunday with Amie, Mas and my sis at Cheezebox

Eating out at Kianggeh Food Centre
The scenery in bandar around 6+++pm
The lovebirds

A snippit of the place
The spare tyre with the love birds

Chicken Rice

Chicken rice again
Keropok Lekor

Gambar org2 lapar... hahahahah

Pics from the convention

The game section
Pink Giraffe on the loose

The dance show... i think this was the footworks dance off where i think they had to synchronize... some were old school and cool

This Group break danced

This group had one girl in it
this group really synchronized

The KB group... theirs was a bit old school and cool

This group, they were called Majestic and they were different from the rest. Others used techno songs, they used r'n'b songs and it was so cool!!!!!
Leeches for treatments...
Leeches in a jar
Agood way to promote a bed set, Give your love one something comfortable for Valentine's day... if you know what i mean ;D))

Can you spot the orang putih dude at the Brunei Information Tourism Booth?

The bruneian lady who travels the world with her husband!
Pink Giraffe
Green Doraemon

I think this is it for today, the convention ends tomorrow 15 Feb, if you still want to catch it. I had fun taking pics, there were some interesting booths and yeah, if you got nothing better to do in Brunei, visit the convention! =D)) So hope you all have a good weekend and have a romantic Valentine's Day!!! Muahz <33

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