Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year All.... Here's an update ;D))

Hellew all.... First of all, Happy New Year to everyone.... i've had a very busy 2 weeks starting into the year... Anyways, i went to our staff annual dinner party and it was ok... i did not dress up because it's a one off event and to dress up would mean that i would have to make a costume which i would never use until there is another event like this. I had fun dancing till 11.30++, the music got a lil bit too boring so Siti Nora and i decided to leave... Now, pictures that i promised, the annual dinner and the xmas gifts i bought for myself =D))... Enjoy =D))

My baby boo... My car... the last one my dad will see from all of his girls for now

My Blue PSP slim

The Event
The Ticket... too bad this baby did not win me anything
Me and Siti Nora
Wina, Robin, me and Lion dance Master
Andy Hancock, Siti and Me

The stage

The props hanging around

Ohhhhhhh..... Now for some very interesting characters.... There was also Super Mario, Freddy Kreuger and some others which i did not manage to snap =/... Enjoy these that i got
Lady Cruella

Dark Vader(i think that is how u spell it)

Fred Flintstone


A devil on the loose


She-ra... i think... i still have no idea who she came as =P

Yes... that is Mystique with me

Peter Pan

Retired Superman who cannot fly

Mystique working it out

Our emcee is a singaporean Dj, Alvin James i think.

The Showdown between Flash and Mystique

Senior Managers doing a dance

I think this was when the emcee was doing an elvis song.... he makes really good voice impersonation of the famous

Supergirl, Robin and Siti Nora

The game where everyone had to participate

Partay time!!!!!

People dancing in stage

I think that is it for now.... i hope i wont get too busy soon... so yeah i hope u all enjoyed the pics as much as i enjoyed myself that night... i'll update soon =D)) Bubyez <33>

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