Tuesday, August 12, 2008

more pics

Hellew all so I was holding off the previous post because I have been very busy at work so it has been hard for me to try to update my blog during lunch. Within the space of last week, we managed to get more photos from Jeff Ng and Rozaiman. All credits and thanks goes to the both of them. Enjoy! =)

These next set of photos are from Jeff Ng. Most of Jeff’s pics were from the basketball games, the closing ceremony and when the Singapore team was going off from the airport. As usual I will be commenting on the pics =)

Helleeewwww boys…. ;)

These were some of the medals that were given out.

Madi, Hjh Normah and Effendi taking photos at the winner’s stand.

The Singapore Contingent waiting for the Closing Ceremony to start.

These are pictures of the badminton team, I think they got first place… I’m not too sure so correct me if I’m wrong ya…

Here are some pics of the Brunei badminton team

This is the Football team, they got second place.

Roderick presenting prizes to the men’s table tennis

The Singapore team got first place for the Table Tennis Men’s Division and the ladies… I’m not too sure also.

Main attraction of the day : The Singapore Netball team ~~~ Pretty Ladies

Hj Fouzi in action!

One of the Badminton players posing with other staffs from Malaysia

The netball teams from both Singapore and Brunei

Group Photo =D))

Group photo with the Netball Ladies… Gatal jua bui! Ahahahah =P

The group photo got larger… The more the merrier

The next couple of pics are taken at the airport.

Just a general group photo

US!!!! L-R : Kat, Siti Nora and Me

More group photos =)

So that is what I got from Jeff’s pics and now we shall move on to Rozaiman’s a.k.a G-Man pictures. G-Man has a lot more pictures, it was more like he was always with them, he caught them during the arrival at the airport, the games and also at the closing ceremony. I will now do my thing… enjoy!

This was when the Singapore team arrived at the airport and they were the first contingent to arrive here. Siti Nora was there to see them when they arrived while Kat and I were at the hotel anticipating for chaos to strike!!! Hahahah and I mean good chaos =)

That’s Kenny with the bus driver

That’s Sam getting to know Madi; our transport official.

This is the bus that picked them up from the airport

The lovely Siti Nora making sure everyone gets on the bus and no one is left behind.

People on board the bus

An inside look of the bus

The bus on the way to the hotel

The friendly faces to greet the Singapore Contingent. L-R : Finah, Hjh Hapidah, Hong Tai, Mimi and Alfe

The bus finally arrives… Look at all those happy faces

Them entering the lobby and the small room where we had their name tags and room keys sorted. They were also given the Bunga Telor when they entered by our friendly greeters.

Their luggages and I think G-Man did notice the beers =)

Idi and Madi having a conversation

Them hanging about in the lobby

Making new friends =)

I think they were gonna make their way up to their rooms to get settled in

A footballer showing off his jersey

Samalinah one of the netball player, she plays Center

The Penjara marching band during the opening ceremony

Aedy and Hani leading the Singapore Team

Happy and energetic people during the march pass. That’s the spirit!!!


Some of the people from the Brunei Contingent

An view from the grandstand of everybody on the field

The Singapore Officials, Roderick and Sam interacting with Rosdi and Hjh Normah

The next couple of pictures are of the netball ladies in action. They wore skirts and the reason behind this was because the team did not get the final dress code rules so they did not know. There are great shots of them in action.

The football team shaking hands with the East Malaysian team

Ivan, Garry and the others watching the game from the sidelines

The next few shots are of the football team in action

Ohhh…. Nasty fall

Nice header!

The next batch are pictures during the Cultural dinner… I sense that G-Man likey the ladies from the netball team *ehem ehem* *wink wink* hahahah

Roderick presenting Hjh Normah with a gift from them and vice versa

These were some of them who won the lucky draw whereby the lucky numbers were stuck to the bottom of their chairs.

A group photo of them before the closing ceremony starts

Roderick with a fellow team member

A thorn among the roses… =D)) Muhsin with some of the ladies from the netball team

The ladies from the badminton team

Group photo of the football team

Group photo of the Men’s Table Tennis team

Group photo of the Netball team

That is all the pictures I have so far, we are just waiting for just one more set from another person from the Shutterbugs. Hope you’ve all enjoyed the pics =) Since the Oscars will be happening this saturday night, i'll update you all with new pics =)

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