Saturday, June 21, 2008

its been quite a while

Hey all!!! Its been quite a while since i've blogged eh?!? Well... the last 3 months, i've been busy with work and figuring things out...and i have yet to see this one guy... a DHL guy... there is a story behind this... i think its in one of my previous blogs... so yeah... ummm... at work, i was told to apply for a supervisor job which i do not think i'm ready for but my line manager seems to think that am doing that job... so i might have an interview next week, hopefully all goes well... i'm not expecting anything but if it happens, it happens... it would mean that i jump 2 job grades... big jump and in only 10 mths, people will talk... not that i really care but yeah... well tomorrow, sunday, i will be going on a road trip to Miri with some ex-colleagues... it will be a fun day =)... i'll try to update more ya =) bubyez

KeL <33

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