Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hellew~~~ Well at the moment i'm in school and i'm just waiting for time to pass =(... I just got my allowance =) that's a good thing i guess...i changed my layout... hehehe.... i dunno wat to say... hmm~~~ i'll post up some pics =)

Some motorbikes in march

me and my lips... hehhehe... i'm so vain =P

Another vain picture of me!!! heheheh... i like the lips one better ;P

my maroon painted fingernails on top of my pen, lappy and my earphones are in the background

Ice-cream!!!!! Traditional old ice cream that me and my sis bought for 50 cents at the fire station where an indian man was selling them =) i was half way through it =D

Birdy in its nest on one of the pillars outside my house

i think that is it for now... i need to by my lappy a new bag!!! might do it one of these days =) bubyez.. Muahz <33

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