Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Its all OVER!!!! ~~

Its finally over~~~ my exams are over!!!! yay!!!! Well loads have been happening since i've last blogged... First of all, my dad was in the hospital for 3 weeks, i've been in and out of the hospital taking care of my dad with my sisters and mum. My dad had an operation, whereby the doctors removed his whole rectum and he cant go to the toilet like a normal person... the doctors said it is cancer and by removing his whole rectum, it would not spread... when we got the results from his cat scan, there are two dots in both of his lungs and so he has to go for chemotheraphy. Well, chemo starts on the 11/7 so hopefully things turn out good... as for the operation he had, he's doing good so no problems there =)

Then there's my exams, i thank God they're over... the last paper was hard!!!! i had a headache while doing the paper... chances of passing... hmmm~~~ very slim i say... but enough of all that, moving on to happier things... I can't wait to go for Amie's house warming thing on saturday night!!! and the theme is t-shirt and shorts!!! heheh... amie ah.... you want to see my funny looking legs ah =P heheheh but i must admit its a cool theme...

My plans for the holidays is to go to work!!! I think i'm a workaholic, its really funny coz, i really miss work and i find that its much more better working than studying. Why u might ask? well if ur working, u are only stressed at that moment when things get rough but after that, say after work, you go home and chill or you just go out and hand out. As for studying, u get stressed all day long and when u finish classes... oh there's assignments, tests and tutorial work to think of!!! ~sigh~~ Needless to say, i like my work, the job does not require me to do much but the volume is a lot and there are deadlines... plus i work alone in a room... i just really miss working... i miss the old people i work with, the new ones are ok but they're not as fun as the old ones i had... =)

i guess this is it... i'll post up pictures soon =)

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