Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Hi every one! 83 more days to my long awaited holiday in South Korea and I cannot wait. So my sister sent me a picture of a girl on instagram of how this girl lost a lot of weight. I can say that I want to be like her, and it makes me motivated to want to try to lose some weight. When this girl started, she weighs as much as me today. And today about 2 years later, she is about half her size! I definitely need to have a lot of self control to go on this journey. I am of course trying to lose my weight for my health and I think i have lost a bit of weight but i think a little bit more in terms of inches. I should get my sister to measure me. Do check her, reducedfatgirl, out if you want some motivation in your journey. And here is a picture of her journey :) 

I guess this is it for now. Will update more soon XOXO

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