Saturday, September 7, 2013

Desserts and Yoga

Hi everyone! Since i have some time on my hands today, i decided to blog. Yay for me right? lol. Anyways, last night i attended one of my close friends hari raya open house and I actually made a dessert dish for her. It's a simple tiramisu dish using chocolate and coffee marie biscuits. According to one of my colleagues, in the Philippines it's called a graham cracker cake.So back to last night, we actually went home late and we were also discussing our december trip to South Korea with another close friend. So before i get into that, i'll share the simple tiramisu recipe picture with you and a picture of it too :)

Simple Tiramisu (for a normal sized aluminum tray)
- 2 boxes of 250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
- 2 large cans of Nestle Table Cream (380ml each can)
- 1 can of condensed milk (Ard 500g)
- chocolate marie biscuits
- coffee marie biscuits
- a bit of milo powder for dusting

- Soften the cream cheese first before starting, so take them out from your fridge a bit earlier
- In a large mixing bowl, put in both blocks of cream cheese, the table cream and half a can of the condensed milk. Beat using an electric hand mixer. Once fully incorporated, test the mixture. If it is not sweet enough, add more condensed milk and beat well. I usually use 3/4 cans of condensed milk.
- Get your tray prepared and scoop some of the cream cheese mixture into the tray. Just layer a bit so it covers the whole base of the aluminum tray.
- Then you would need to layer with the biscuits. I normally layer it with coffee biscuits first then the chocolate ones and i repeat till there is a bit of cream cheese mixture left. So before i arrange and layer the tray with biscuits, I normally dip the biscuits individually in the cream cheese mixture then I line them properly in the tray. I also put an extra layer of the cream cheese mixture on top of the completed layer before i start a new layer. The reason why i do this is because i want to make sure the biscuits are moist and not dry. These biscuits actually suck up a bit of the mixture so I normally dip and then layer with the mixture so it's nice and moist.
- Once the layering process is done, I normally get 3 layers of biscuits (coffee-chocolate-coffee) but if i'm a bit "stingy" with my cream cheese mixture, i get 4 layers. If there is left over cream cheese mixture, just por it on top of the last layer and even it out.
- Lastly, sprinkle some milo powder on top and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.
- If you are using a smaller container, you can just cut the recipe in half.

Happy trying ya. So now back to other things, our office had a Hari Raya celebration at the HQ office. I actually work in my client's office. There was a competition for the best raya biscuits and I thought, why don't i give it a try. I asked the Corporate Communications team, what is the maximum number of dishes a staff can bring and they advised me maximum would be 2 and to make sure I have labels for my dishes. So i went with the 2 most easiest dishes i know and i won 3rd place with one of them. The other competing dishes didn't have any labels on them, only mine did and i thought about presentation and stuff, i even brought along my own plates. lol. Competitive much ya... hahahahahaha

 I prepared chocolate cornflakes and the rice krispies treat. And i won a $10 gift voucher from Le Apple. Yay!!! At least I can get more baking supplies from there.In other news, well my sister has put me on Bios Life Slim because she wants to see me lose some weight and i have been using it for about 1.5 months now. It is definitely a good product. I have lost some inches being on that and i also have decided to take up yoga classes to help me reduce more inches and weight. For people who have known me, they know that i'm not that get thin and exercise kind of girl. I can truly say that I am happy at my size but of course my sister is very concerned about me so she decided to put me on Bios Life Slim, not only to loose some weight but also for my health. I said yes to taking the product because my sister was very excited and enthusiastic for me to lose some weight. She was also concerned about my health too because i am asthmatic and my asthma has been on and off this year. So I gave in and decided to take it for improving my health. I can already see some changes in my body so that is a good thing and i don't expect to be stick skinny of course. lol. As for the yoga classes, i actually made the decision to go for them. I have seen some changes in my body already but my tummy was still very fabulous.. lol and i wanted to reduce it a bit so i can fit my clothes better. I have already gone for 3 yoga classes and i think i like it. The instructor is very good. She knows I'm a large girl so she teaches me alternative poses for my size and i'm slowly getting there.My knees did not hurt as bad as the first time and I can do a little bit more than when i first started. I will be doing yoga for 1 month and probably start doing pilates next month. My sister even created 2 hashtags on instagram for me. Hahahahahaha... Ahhhh... She must really love her baby sister <3 p="">

I'm always behind in the pictures. As for me, I now know i'm not flexible. lol. But anyone can do yoga, plus you sweat buckets doing it. So give it a go, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. Oh yeah, last night when we were discussing about our december korea trip, it got me really excited! I can't wait to go to korea and experience the cold weather. So my sister was telling me about a blogger from Malaysia who gave pointers on budget trips to korea. I found her blog really useful and informative. So do check her out, Ms Zarina Jani. I guess this is it for today. I'll update it soon. Bubyez and muahz :)

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