Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sometimes I can be a bimbo

Hi everyone! Just a quick update! I have not watched Despicable Me 2 yet! I'm probably going to watch it on Monday!!! Yay!!! It's already July and the fasting month will start soon. I like working during the fasting month in this new company because we get to work to either 2 or 3pm. Yay for me right? lol. Honestly, I don't remember what i was doing during the fasting month last year. What i remember was the fasting month during my banking years, I remembered that I still had to work normal hours, which was such a drag. So I am looking forward to puasa this year. Just thinking of all the free time I can have all to myself. Anyways, i will be taking a short trip next weekend! and when I mean short, i mean really short. So I'll be flying to my destination next Saturday after work and returning back the next day Sunday by car. Yes! Super short right? So speed shopping is all i can do. I'm quite excited because I finally get to fly... Hahahahahaha, I know it sounds weird but I actually do enjoy being on the plane and flying off. I like that feeling. Hopefully I can do more next year. As for this year, this is my first flight out. So sad right? Well i'm saving my leave for my big trip for December. I'm going to Korea and stopping over in Singapore before I head back. I'm so excited and I think the long break will do me good. And when I mean long break, I mean 14 calendar days long! I really can't wait for it. I hope i get to experience snow! Oh Korea, wait for me ya! :D

Now back to why I can be a bimbo sometimes. So the other day, I was craving for poppadums and you can actually buy some store bought instant ones. I went to my regular supermarkets and searched high and low for it. I searched for weeks ok and i could not find any. Last week, on a Sunday, my sister and i decided to buy some groceries and i told her that i will check for these poppadums and when i told her i could not find them. She said it was impossible and she asked me which section did i looked for it. I told her the frozen section. She laughed at me so hard and then told me that they're not frozen and i could usually find them in the sundries section. Yes, i did not know poppadums were dry! I thought they were like the frozen roti pratha ones! Hahahahahahaha... silly me right? Anyways, I managed to get the last box on the shelf! Yay! I have yet to cook these babies, maybe soon coz i know that there is a public holiday coming up soon! Yayers! Guess this is it. I'll update soon :D

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