Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hey Everyone! I'm so excited today because I'm flying off later. YAYYYYYY!!!!! Yes I'm very excited to get on that plane and fly. I guess i like that feeling of taking off and landing...Anyways, I have been home alone since Wednesday and it's very boring. There wasn't anything good on TV either. And of course I had no one to make my 10 cents face to make me food. I had to cook, so yeah that was fun, trying to spice up what I should eat and stuff. Just so you know, I had a lot of bread and I actually do love bread over rice on most days. 

Remember those poppadoms i was talking about, so this is how they looked like after they were fried. And the plastic packet also said Extra Large poppadoms. I didn't imagine them to be this big. 

 Since Wednesday was a public holiday, I got very bored and I started to look through all my recipe books and I found a very easy and simple chocolate chip cookie recipe. And since i had all the ingredients, i decided why not try it.

This was the outcome of my cookies, huge right? Well the recipe called for 1 cup of self raising flour and baking powder so they expanded and I was surprised. I like these cookies because they're a bit crunchy on the sides and bottom and chewy on the inside. It's definitely a keeper!

This was my dinner a few days ago; toast! Am I the only weirdo out there who like a good peanut butter-cream cheese toasted sandwich? Lol! It really tastes good and I really love it.

I guess this is it for now! A few more hours then WHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEE. Yes, excited much I am! Till the next post, bubyez =D

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