Sunday, April 22, 2007


Hellew all... its been a while since i've updated my blog... well... loads have been happening and yeah... Last night i went to the bank's Masquerade Annual Dinner... i had fun but i felt last year's bollywood night was better =) so less talking and more posting up pictures =P

Me at Jerudong Polo Club

Me and Rosie

Shimah, chong and zai

The Adidas-es : Chong, Zai & Azre


Hj Tinah, Lillian, Me And Midah after the dinner

Dani and I

The Masquerade was fun, it was not so much of a masquerade because when i went in, about 90% of the ppl had their masks off... so yeah... its not really a masquerade... after everything was done, we all had a department photo at the reception and i hope it looks good... it was taken by a professional photographer with a background so yeah. i think that is it for today... will try to blog more often.. Muahzzz <33

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